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Why So Many Parents Trust ABA Therapy

Therapy Disguised as Play
In-School Support
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Inclusion and Acceptance
Total Spectrum Management
Innovative, Holistic Care

Helping Ohio’s Children Soar Higher!

We know that an ASD diagnosis can be difficult for children and their families, but your child IS capable of soaring beyond their diagnosis and reaching their full potential! You are not alone in this journey. SkyCare ABA is here to support you and promote a positive future for your autistic child. Our team offers affordable and accessible ABA treatment for children at any place on the spectrum. With a belief in every child’s potential, we provide play-based therapies that allow each child to achieve their individual goals and soar higher.

We want to provide families harmonious care and collaboration across all disciplines to support them and their children in making treatment meaningful, lasting change. Soar higher with SkyCare ABA!


Let’s Soar Higher Together!

SkyCare ABA is committed to revealing personalized interventions to create extraordinary opportunities catered to your child’s unique needs. We offer holistic treatment plans and community interventions for children at any place on the spectrum — let’s give your child the tools to take flight toward brighter skies!

Why Choose SkyCare ABA?

Community Focus

Beyond ABA therapy and other treatment options, we focus on creating completely customized care plans for each child’s needs and goals. We work to create a kinder, more important community for children on the spectrum, so provide our services at home, at school, and in the community. We offer a holistic approach that cannot be found anywhere else.


The therapists at SkyCare ABA use a collaborative approach and innovative interventions to evoke real change for a lifetime. Involving the child’s entire community — parents, educators, caregivers — your child is able to reach higher. With kindness, patience, and compassion, we provide effective treatment disguised as play. 


Our mission is to bring accessible ABA services to every community. We are in-network with most major insurance providers to make our services affordable and accessible to every family. We work within the community, schools, and partner with local providers to bring services to those who don’t know they need them yet! 

Locations We Serve

SkyCare ABA is dedicated to every child’s unique personality as well as each family’s well-being as a whole. Our departments are headed by recognized leaders in their fields to provide comprehensive, holistic approaches, enabling each child to achieve optimal success.