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Development Disguised As Play!

The SkyCare team is dedicated to helping children with ASD make progressive transformations by offering customized treatment plans to meet each child’s needs. As a collaborative team, our mission is to transform as many lives as possible with hope for brighter futures. We want to be a part of your family’s journey to the stars

SkyCare ABA thrives on uncovering unique solutions to create extraordinary opportunities for each child we care for. By delivering high-quality, patient-centered ABA therapy services to children and their families, we are dedicated to being accessible and affordable for all. We offer complete, individualized care for children at any stage on the spectrum — let’s reach higher, together! 

Our vision is to establish community clinics across the United States, using our innovative approach to transform as many lives as possible with hope for brighter futures. We are proud to accept all major insurance plans so you are never torn between finances and caring for your family. If you live in any areas we serve and are the parent of a child on the spectrum we are always happy to discuss your child’s opportunities for success with you directly!


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Our Innovative Approach to Helping Each Child Reach Their Potential

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Playful ABA Services

Icon 2 - Case Management

Case Management

Icon 3 - Team Approach

A Team Approach

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Parent Education

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A Fun Environment

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Inclusion and Acceptance

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Total Spectrum Management

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Innovative, Holistic Care

Shoot For The Stars!

Using an innovative approach, we use collaboration to develop children in their own environment. With community involvement, parent coaching, and harnessing the child’s natural talents, we help each child thrive.

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Why Choose SkyCare ABA?

We know that when it comes to ASD treatment options, you have choices. We are confident that SkyCare ABA is the right choice for your family.


We are the caregivers of the community, using a fully customized approach to meet each child’s unique needs. With full case management services, we provide a holistic approach not found elsewhere.


SkyCare ABA therapists use a collaborative approach and involve all of the child’s community — parents, educators, caregivers — to evoke change. With kindness, patience, and compassion, we offer real change for a lifetime.


We are part of your community. Approachable, helpful, and affordable, we are committed to helping all children reach their full potential.

Reach Higher With SkyCare ABA!

Aligning Ourselves For Success

SkyCare ABA is BACB Certified. We affiliate with the AOTA Occupational Therapy Association and ASHA Affiliates Speech and Language certificates to best serve every family. If you live in any of the above areas and are the parent of a child with autism, learn more about our services here, or be sure to contact us! We are always happy to discuss your child’s opportunities for success with you directly! 


Locations We Serve

SkyCare ABA is dedicated to every child’s unique personality as well as each family’s well-being as a whole. Our departments are headed by recognized leaders in their fields to provide comprehensive, holistic approaches, enabling each child to achieve optimal success.