Center-Based ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy for Children With Autism

At SkyCare ABA our clinics are carefully designed to proactively service young learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and associated developmental disabilities. Our clinics adopt an all-inclusive and holistic therapeutic approach so that clients of various
ages and abilities can receive the best quality of individualized care. Our clinic’s curriculum is designed so that daily instruction and activities intentionally target developmental milestones all while integrating a variety of routines and activities to help ensure that our clients are motivated and engaged!

Learn more about how our ABA clinics offer treatment programs that cater to the unique needs of each child and foster significant and positive behavioral change. Contact SkyCare ABA today to learn more about enrolling your child at one of our ABA clinics.

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What is Center-Based ABA Therapy?

Clinic-based ABA therapy at SkyCare ABA consists of structured, individualized interventions conducted in a dedicated facility offering an enriched learning environment equipped with various resources and materials to aid in successful behavior reduction and skill development. A full-time day program is available for individuals diagnosed with autism to provide comprehensive ABA therapy. At SkyCare ABA, each clinic is staffed with skillful ABA practitioners, and professional leadership teams who provide quality and compassionate care. The therapeutic atmosphere is intentionally designed to promote opportunities for learning from natural environmental situations as well as a structured setting for individualized treatment. Our ABA clinics are founded on principles of ABA and developed to allow our clients to experience a learning opportunity that focuses on reducing specific behaviors, enhancing communication and social skills and promoting quality of life through positive and healthy development.

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How Does it Differ from At-Home Therapy?

While home-based ABA therapy provides interventions within the familiar setting of a child's home, center-based ABA therapy offers a controlled and specialized environment where individuals can receive focused support and personalized care. The structured setting of a center-based program allows for tailored interventions, social interactions with peers, and access to specialized resources that may not be available in a home-based setting.

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Why Visit Our Autism Therapists In-Person

Parents may choose our center-based ABA therapy over home-based ABA therapy for several reasons. Center-based therapy from SkyCare ABA provides a controlled setting for consistent implementation of interventions and monitoring of progress by experienced therapists. Children who are on the autism spectrum have access to a dynamic space where children can practice social skills, interact with a supportive community, and receive focused guidance from skilled professionals.

Parents can ensure that their child receives comprehensive care and specialized support in a nurturing environment that is carefully curated to cultivate optimal growth and development under the guidance of knowledgeable and dedicated ABA providers.

Our Process for Providing the Best Quality of Care Through Clinic-Based ABA therapy

Led by reputable experts in the field, our holistic approach emphasizes the foundational principles of ABA therapy, focusing on neuroplasticity and core learning and behavior concepts.

Grounded in evidence-based practices and scientific research, our ABA therapy aims to diminish negative behaviors and reinforce positive behaviors, ultimately enhancing social interactions and self-regulation for individuals on the spectrum. By following the ABC principle of antecedent, behavior, and consequence, our skilled therapists delve into understanding behavior intricacies and providing targeted interventions to effectively address maladaptive behaviors.

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Benefits of ABA Therapy:

Specialized Environment

Children in our care can engage in structured activities and receive one-on-one support.

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Social Skills Development

Our ABA clinic’s setting offers opportunities to foster social growth and communication abilities.

Targeted Interventions

Center-based therapy allows for focused and consistent interventions, resulting in more effective outcomes and progress tracking.

Family Support

SkyCare ABA prioritizes the well-being of each family, offering support services, parent training, and educational resources to empower families in understanding and implementing ABA strategies at home

Visit Our SkyCare ABA Facilities Now

At SkyCare ABA, we aim to empower individuals on the autism spectrum to reach their full potential and lead fulfilling lives. Experience the transformative impact of center-based ABA therapy in Georgia and New Jersey now! Contact us about enrollment and learn more about our approach to ABA.