New Study Indicates 1 in 44 Children Are Diagnosed With Autism

Almost every year, the number of children in the United States who are diagnosed with autism rises. Now, a new data analysis has been released by researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that show that 1 in 44 eight-year olds are now diagnosed with autism. SkyCare ABA is an autism clinic located in Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, and Ohio that offers ABA therapy for children with autism. Let’s take a look at this study below, and contact us today!

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More Awareness Of Autism

The rise in the cases of autism diagnosis statistics can be scary for parents. However, most experts agree that the primary reason for the increases in autism diagnosis is that there is more awareness about autism, rather than more true cases.

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More Autism Therapy Services

Another reason that experts in this study propose for the high rate of autism diagnoses in children is that there are more autism clinics and more autism therapies, such as ABA therapy, that parents are taking advantage of.

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Earlier Detection

Children are now 50% more likely to be diagnosed with autism by the age of four than they were in 2014 when solid numbers were first available. Again, parents are more aware of autism, the signs of autism, and are more willing to take their child for diagnosis earlier. This fact can lead to an increase in diagnosis numbers, too.

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More Insurance Coverage

More health insurance companies are covering autism treatments, which means more parents will get the help their child needs. Medicaid is also offering coverage for autism therapies. 


SkyCare ABA has years of experience in offering customized autism treatments and therapies for children on the spectrum. We have locations in Arizona, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Ohio, and we accept insurance, too. Call today!