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Fitness & Autism: Building Stronger Tomorrows

By Andy / July 27, 2021

According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), children and adolescents should have 60 minutes or more of moderate-to-vigorous intensity of physical activity every day, including daily aerobic activities (like running or jumping) and strength exercises (like climbing or doing push-ups). While the benefits of physical activity include maintaining a healthy weight, supporting…

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Myths About Autism and Learning Abilities

By Andy / June 15, 2021

Despite the rising prevalence of autism and the integration of those on the spectrum into neuro-normative peer-group classrooms, the myths surrounding autism and the learning abilities of autistic children are astounding. At SkyCare ABA, we practice on the belief of neuroplasticity and the ability that every child has the ability to reach their full potential.…

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Tips For Managing Siblings of Children on the Spectrum

By Andy / June 3, 2021

Raising kids is hard. Having a child on the spectrum can make challenges a little more complicated. And, having an autistic child in addition to other children can make things a little more difficult. A parent plays many roles in their children’s lives including nurturer, coach, chef, chauffeur, referee, entertainer, nurse, protector, and so much…

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Biggest Challenges With Managing Autism

By Andy / September 18, 2020

When it comes to managing a child on the spectrum, the challenges faced will vary based on a variety of factors, including the severity of symptoms or limitations, the functional abilities of the child, and the impact on the child’s family. Since no two children on the spectrum will present the same way, it is…

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